Friday, November 24, 2017

Safe Cycling

Safe Cycling

On Thursday, Jada, Dannii, Sienna and I made a round about with tape. We had toy cars and pretended that it was a real round about, we used the road rules as well. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Calendar Art

This is my Calendar Art

For our calendar art we had to split the paper into 5 parts then do little sections inside them. We coloured it with oil pastels and smudged it with a paper towel132ws

My Volcano PBL

This is my model of an extinct Volcano. To make it more realistic, I used dark green and light green for the grass and light blue and dark blue for the water. What I enjoyed the most was molding the chicken wire to make my volcano. What I thought was challenging was when I was doing my paper mache because some of the newspaper wouldn’t stick to the chicken wire.

What is a Volcano?
The earth is made from 4 layers, the inner core, the outer core the mantle and the crust. The crust is broken into pieces called tectonic plates. When these tectonic plates rub together they create pressure, when the pressure builds up, the mantle pushes through the crust which forms a volcano. Rocks, ash and lava fragments come spitting out of the crater of volcanoes in an eruption. Lava can erupt out of a volcano in an explosion or it can gently drizzle out. There are 4 different shapes of volcanoes. There are Cinder cone volcanoes, Composite volcanoes, Shield volcanoes and Lava dome volcanoes.

Volcanic Rocks

Obsidian is an Igneous that is formed when molten lava is suddenly cooled when it flows into water. Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an outstanding igneous rock.

Facts: Obsidian can only form near active volcanoes

When obsidian breaks, the fractures are very sharp which is why it was used for tools
Pumice is a Igneous rock.The holes are vesicles that are actually gas bubbles trapped inside during rapid cooling in the molten magma. The materials cool so fast that the molecule cant get into a crystal form, so pumice is  volcanic glass known as a mineral
Facts: Pumice is short for Pumicite
The size of pumice can range from tiny dust particles to pumice pieces the size of a house.
Rhyolite is a igneous rock formed
How It Is Formed: Formation of Rhyolite usually is in continental margin volcanic eruptions where the granitic magma reaches the surface.
Facts: Due to the release of Huge amounts of trapped gases, the eruptions of Rhyolite may be highly explosive.


What impact do volcanoes have on the world we live in?

Volcanoes are harmful because they can cause lots of destruction and damage to buildings, houses and the environment. Volcanoes can also let out ash and smoke when it's erupting which pollutes the air. The weathering of volcanic rock caused by rain and temperature changes can negatively affect our land and stone buildings by wearing them away for example the statue of queen Victoria in london was so badly weathered that the nose crumbled away and had to be replaced.

Volcanoes can help the earth because the ash has nutrients and minerals which help plants grow and also help soil on farms. Volcanoes are good for heating because they create a lot of energy which is taken from the earth through drilled holes or geysers and used in power plants. Rocks and minerals help us because for instance obsidian can be carved into a tool and used for cutting things. Pumice can be used for multiple purposes including sharpening tools and removing dry skin.  They can also be used in the making of concrete and limestone. Minerals are mined and used to make everyday things for example match stick heads are made from sulphur, pencil leads contain graphite and baby powder is made from a mineral called talc.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Thank You Letter

Parkvale School                             
Howard Street

May 24th 2017

Dear Steven Universe                 

Thank you for coming to camp and giving up your time to help us at camp. I had lots of fun and i hope you did too. If you and the other parents didn’t come we probably wouldn’t be able to go to camp so thank you for coming to camp.

I enjoyed the caves the most because it was fun squeezing through one of the tunnels and shuffling across a wall in another. I’ll admit the one cave i didn’t really like was the weta cave. The reason i shuffled across the wall was because i didn’t want to walk in the mud/bat poo.

Another thing I really enjoyed was Thursday night when you crouched down and scuttled along the floor. When I heard galloping outside I freaked out and yelled GO AWAY MICHAEL NOONAN!! That was the funniest night at camp I had ever had.

One last thing i really liked at camp was kayaking. It was really fun because Jae-Bea splashed me and Ceanahlee so we started splashing other people including you. When we got back me and Jada heard that we were aloud to jump in the lake. Ceanahlee and Alize went first then i didn’t want to do it but Jada grabbed my hand and we jumped in It was freezing and deep. When we got back we were soaked.

Did you know that A huge landslide dam around 250 meters high formed lake waikaremoana 2,200 years ago

Your Sincerely


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

My Special Place

My Special Place
“Wake Up” says mum. I jump down from my bunk and go outside. My uncle is making breakfast and my cousins, mum, dad, and sisters are sitting at the table. “Mmm smells delicious” I exclaim. Finally breakfast is ready. Yum eggs on toast my favourite.

Once we're finished we get changed into our togs and head down to the beach. First I dip my feet in to feel the temperature, The water felt as cold as freshly melted ice. I jump back realising how cold it is. I decided then that I was not going to go swimming and that I was going to make a sand castle instead. First I made a mountain of sand then collected shells to make windows and a door. “I'm done” I told mum. she took a picture and then we headed back to the caravan.

The next day Dad took me out on the Quad bike and we went down to the beach. Dad went really fast over hills and other stuff like that, it was absolutely horrifying. When we got back dad gave mum a ride. Meanwhile while they were taking ages the rest of us had lunch and played board games. When they got back they told us that they went right down the beach to the river.

When It was dark we grabbed some fireworks and lite them on the beach. They were as bright as the stars at night. Some other people came with fireworks and we had two sets of fireworks going at the same time. It looked awesome. Me, Violet and Astella loved it. Once we ran out off fireworks we went back to the caravan and had dinner. By the time we finished dinner it was bed time. I jumped into bed and had a good night's sleep.

My special place is porangahau